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Are you planning a culinary event? It’s time to choose a menu!

3 children’s menus — from $120 per person 18 main menus — from $130 per person 2 vegetarian menus — from $160 per person

In each menu:

3 dishes (salad or appetizer, hot, dessert) 

Free drinks (tea, juice, coffee)

The opportunity to bring alcohol, fruit, birthday cake for free


Need help choosing a menu?

Just call us by phone at +1 (646) 868-38-25  or email us nyc@battle-of-tables.com.


Never before has cooking been that entertaining!
Each menu includes three courses together with soft drinks.


KIDS’ MENU №1 “Pizza”
(from 5 y. o) ● Pizza with toppings of your choice
● Shortbread with stained glass candy
● Milkshakes120 $  per person
KIDS’ MENU №2 “Pasta”
(from 5 y. o)● Сoloured pasta with meatballs and cheese
● Fruit salad topped with whipped cream and nuts
● Fruit smoothies120 $ per person
KIDS’ MENU №3 “Burgers”

(from 8 y. o)

● Caramelized onion BBQ burger
● Oven roasted Idaho potatoes – baked apples with cranberries and curd
● Chicken Caesar salad with creamy dressing and crispy croutons

150 $  per person



Soft drinks are included.

You can bring your own alcohol for no extra charge.


MENU №1 “Florence”
● Pizza with any toppings of your choice
● Caprese salad with freshly made pesto
● Seasonal fruit dipped in chocolate
130 $ per person
MENU №2 “Rome”
● Spaghetti alla carbonara
● Caesar salad with chicken breast dressed with
a classical creamy sauce containing olive oil,
garlic, lemon, and anchovies.
● Chocolate fountain accompanied by vanilla ice-cream
130 $ per person

MENU №3 “Milan”

● Risotto with roasted mushrooms and arugula
● Sesame-crusted tuna steaks salad
● Raspberry cupcakes with orange based cream-cheese

140 $   per person

MENU №4 “Tokyo”

● Tokyo-style ramen noodle soup
● Spicy tuna avocado mango maki
● Fruit roll with brandied pears and cream cheese

140 $  per person

MENU №5 “Bangkok”

● Shrimp Tom Yam soup
● Green chicken curry with mini corn
● Tempura bananas with ice-cream and glazed peanuts

150 $ per person

MENU №6 “Shangai”

● Chicken in sauce choy sun
● Crispy Szechuan-style eggplant and tofu
● Tangerine muffins with chocolate-glazed peanuts

150 $   per person

MENU №7 “Madrid”

● Saffron-infused seafood and chicken paella
● Authentic gazpacho
● Traditional red sangria

150 $  per person

MENU №8 “Hawaii”

● Ahi tuna poke bowl with sesame sauce
● Tiger prawn skewers with pineapples
● Coconut haupiya pudding

150 $  per person

MENU №9 “Thessaloniki”
 ● Dolma with Zaziki sauce
● Eggplant casserole with potatoes,
tomatoey beef, mince (Moussaka)
● Traditional cream-filled phyllo pastry (Bougatsa)
150 $ per person
MENU №10 “Tbilisi”
● Beef khinkali
● Adjarian khachapuri
● Chicken satsivi
160 $ per person    
MENU №11 “Turin”
● Creamy salmon fettuccine with capers
● Feta cheese bruschetta with baked
bell pepper and pesto sauce
● Chocolate brownie with cherries
160 $ per person
MENU №12 “Venice”
● Classic beef lasagna with ricotta cheese
● Savory baked pears with honey,
gorgonzola, and walnuts tiramisù
● Espresso-soaked ladyfingers
surrounded by lightly sweetened whipped
cream and a rich mascarpone (Tiramisù)
160 $ per person  
MENU №13 “Seoul”

● Korean style kimchi ramen
● Crispy pan fried salmon
● Fresh fruit summer rolls with honey-lime dipping sauce

160 $ per person

MENU №14 “New York”

● Black Angus steak in red wine and with quinoa on the side
● Fresh house salad with poached eggs
● Apple pie with caramel syrup and ice-cream

170 $   per person

MENU №15 “Moscow”

● Olivier salad with crab meat
● Pelmeni (meat dumplings)
● Pancakes with red caviar

180 $ per person

MENU №16 “Cannes”

● Seared salmon with creamy leek sauce and couscous seasoned with paprika on the side
● Summer chopped salad with citrus sesame dressing
● Mulled wine poached pears puff pastry

180 $ per person

MENU №17 “Athens”
● Pan-fried sea bass with puttanesca sauce and bulgur on the side
● Green bean salad with olives and sun-dried tomatoes
● Ligurian lemon cake
180 $ per person
MENU №18 “Kyiv”
● Traditional Ukrainian Borscht with Prunes
● Vareniki: potato, bacon and caramelized onion stuffed dumplings
● Pukheniki with homemade jam (a variation of custard donuts)
180 $ per person

*Do your guests have allergies or intolerance to certain ingredients? Please tell us about it in advance. Our chef will make changes to the recipes taking into account your wishes.

Easy to follow recipes which you can easily make again at home



● Crunchy Brussels sprouts dressed with sweet-and-sour sauce, pecan kernels and delicate Labane sauce

● Cream cheese Jiaozis with mushrooms and plum-sauce spinach

● Strawberry Bowl smoothie with chia seeds and granola

160 $ / PER PERSON


● Authentic Israeli cream hummus dressed with Tahini sauce

● Cream-sauce dressed pumpkin ravioli with walnut and ricotta

● Coconut blancmange with blueberries and strawberry tartar sauce

160 $ / PER PERSON


Easy to follow recipes which you can easily make again at home

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