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Cooking Classes Bachelorette Party in New York

Looking for an idea where to celebrate a bachelorette party before the wedding in an unusual, fun, and memorable way?  Do it at the Battle of Tables Cooking Studio!

You will have a fun culinary party with your best friends! Together with the chef, you will master 3 new recipes, learn a lot of culinary secrets and culinary tricks, and prepare a festive dinner! We will have fun, cook, taste, take pictures, and dance.



  • For companies from 3 to 70 people. From $130 per personEverything you need for the cooking class and the party is included. We have a BYOB policy free of charge.
  • The entire studio and staff work just for you.
  • 100 times more interesting and unusual than going to a cafe or restaurant.
  • It won’t be boring! Your event will be hosted by a professional chef and cheerful host.
  • A lot of new knowledge and skills.
  • You can decorate the hall and dress up in the theme of a bachelorette party, turn on your music, bring alcohol and fruit without extra charges.

Trust us to take care of the event. You will only have to invite your friends, cook under the supervision of a professional chef and enjoy the evening. Welcome to a bachelorette cooking class party.


Cooking Classes Bachelorette Party in NYC


Prices start from $130* per person for a bachelorette cooking class party.

*The cost of a bachelorette party depends only on the selected menu and the number of participants. Everything listed below is included in the price:

  • The duration of the event is 2.5 hours
  • Branded electronic invitations for guests
  • Aprons, kitchen equipment, food and all utensils
  • 3-dish cooking class for all guests
  • A personal chef with a sense of humor
  • 3-course menu to choose from. Large portions
  • Free drinks (tea, coffee, juices)
  • Detailed recipes in electronic form so that you can cook them at home
  • Music center with usb
  • Gourmet dinner cooked together
  • Free time for contests, celebrations and dancing
  • Cleaning after the event


We have 20 menus to choose from. Each menu consists of 3 popular dishes (entree/appetizer/ main dish dessert). Our menus include your favorite dishes from Italian, French, Greek, Japanese, Mexican, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, and other cuisines.


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Are there any other questions about cooking classes bachelorette party?  

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